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Pokemon Sun & Moon Steelbook: Huge Opportunity!

While most of my posts will be focused on the buying used or heavily discounted games for resale, this post will instead focus on a (mostly) full-priced Pokemon Sun & Moon Dual Pack Steelbook set exclusive to Why would I recommend buying a full price dual pack that retails for $89.99 (discounted 20% to $71.99 for Prime Members)? Because limited edition ANYTHING Pokemon always sells well, especially if you’re willing to sit onto it for a few years. It’s not unheard of for these items to sell out within weeks and double or triple in price when they first come out!


This item hits the mark for so many reasons: it’s Limited Edition, it’s Amazon Exclusive, it’s a Pokemon Exclusive, it’s a Steelbook (which itself is quite rare for games, especially Nintendo ones, and it’s a Dual Pack meaning it includes copies of both new games!

The game releases in November 2106, but don’t wait…Do yourself a favor and invest in this one today guys! Like anything Limited Edition Nintendo, it’s sure to be a hit with collectors and even if you want to play it, it’ll hold it’s value in the used market for years to come and you’ll likely be able to get more than you paid for it even years later. Don’t miss out! This game also happens to be releasing in the year that Pokemon turns 20 and with the recent success of Pokemon Go on the iPhone and Android, meaning it’ll be bigger than ever this year!

Buy Directly on Amazon: Pokemon: Sun & Moon Dual Pack: Steelbook (Amazon Exclusive)